The St. Laurent-grape

St. Laurent is one of the most important Austrian red wine grapes, mainly for very high qualities.

The origin of this Grape variety is not fully known, but for us as a winemaker it is quite obvious that it must be somehow related to Pinot Noir. It shows quite similar in the vineyard. The berries of the St. Laurent grapes are quite close together and so a lot of hand work and sensitiveness is needed as this grape easily wrottens. The Grape ripens very early and this is where the Name Comes from – namely fro the St. Laurentius-day the 15th of August. This should be the day where the grapes start to get red.

Of course this is not exactly the case in every year, but it is a fact that St. Laurent ripens early. In comparison to Pinot Noir, the Skins of the berriy are a Little thicker and therefore we have a darker Color and more Tannin in the wines. To get a harmonical wine, we always plant St. Laurent on cooler sites, to have it ripen more slowly. This way, not only the sugar Level rises, but also the Skin ripens properly. “Cooler” sites means for us, we plant next to a forrest. The forrest cools the vineyard down quickly after a hot sunny day.