2 x 93 Punkte von Wine Enthusiast

Anne Krehbiehl MW hat unsere Weine für Wine Enthusiast verkostet. Wir freuen uns sehr über ihre Ergebnisse:

93 Wine Enthusiast-Points
Grüner Veltliner HOMMAGE Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2014
An incredibly peachy, fragrant nose is utterly appetising and inviting with oaky softness. The palate shows the same mild, fruit-forward flavor. While the fruit is plump, the wine itself is sprightly and fresh, on very light feet with a wonderfully soft and fresh texture. Right now, the peachy aroma shines.

93 Wine Enthusiast-Points
Zweigelt Reserve BURGGARTEN 2012
A closed nose opens onto a dense, fluid but toned body that is like a flowing river of velvet. Cherry notes have aromatic insinuations of something deliciously coniferous as well as cinnamon overtones of carefully handled oak. This is such a mellow, velvety rendition of Zweigelt, without an ounce of fat. Simply beautiful.

90 Wine Enthusiast-Points
Grüner Veltliner HUNDSLEITEN Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2014
Flinty notes are met with yeasty, herbal spice: watercress and arugula pervade nose and palate. The body is slender but has a ripe core that makes this slip down easily, always with a peppery, savory accent that makes this very alluring.