Who we are

We are two siblings that manage our family winery together. Roman Josef Pfaffl is our vineyard manager and winemaker. He sees it as vital to take responsibility for these tasks personally. Roman’s sister Heidi Fischer takes care of business administration and her specialty, marketing.

There are more of us

Our parents, Heidi and Roman Pfaffl, support us in every way they can. Roman is our expert in the vineyard. Heidi takes good care of us as well as our guests. You will usually find her adoring grandchildren, Heidemarie’s children Marianne and Josef, close at her side. Roman's girlfriend Julia Wimmer is also firmly anchored in our sales team.

Our Pride and Joy

…is our vineyards. Of this, we are very much aware. We cultivate around 155 hectares. Our vineyards are distributed around the village of Stetten in the Weinviertel and in neighbouring Vienna. Due to the numerous vineyards and their diversity, we are able to produce a broad spectrum of wine styles. It is always exciting for us to see how each terroir is expressed in its wine.
Lot's of handcraft 
...is put in our wines. Handling nature respectfully and focussing the whole thing is very important for us. Accurate yield reduction and selection and a lot of sense for the vines allow us year for year to respond to weather events and deliver continuosly high qualities.


...is at the core of our wine philosophy. Respect management of our natural resources and our environment is very important to us. Meticulous canopy management, manual selection of grapes, and sensitivity for the vines’ needs make it possible for us to cope with the vagaries of the weather and produce top quality wines year for year.


To create perfect conditions for the wines in our cellar, we shy from no cost or effort. Perfect hygiene, meticulous temperature control in all areas, optimal humidity, minimal pumping, and protective handling are provided. All of these efforts aid us in transporting the superb quality from our vineyards directly to the bottle.

The Rhombus

that's our brand mark and stands for everything we put in our wines: the work in the vineyard, the precision in the cellar, the passion for the wine and for our winery.
Come to try our wines, visit our winery or grap a view bottles. At least once a year we have a big event on a weekend, where you are also warmly invited. Next to that the winery is open on mondays to fridays from 8am to 12am and 1pm to 5pm.

Cordially invited

You are, of course welcome to come and taste our wines, visit our winery, or purchase wine on the premises. We stage a big event at least once a year to which you are cordially invited. We are also open from Monday through Friday from 8-12 AM and 1-5 PM.