HEIDROM Grand Reserve

Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon

You could call it a contradiction or perhaps even a little crazy. That is what our premium blend HEIDROM is somehow. It is made from the Bordeaux classics Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot despite the fact that we are at home in the southern Weinviertel. As a red wine freak I took on my father’s idea of making great red wine here as my own personal project. It is important to me that precision is at work here. It begins in the vineyard. I am particularly meticulous with the canopy management. We do it sitting on the ground, even when it is really hot, because that is what is necessary. The grapes are vinified in separate charges and then matured in French oak for a year. Then the big tastings begin. How much Cabernet and Merlot will it be this time? Just a couple percent more or less are obvious! The blend then matures a further year in small oak barrels. In the end, the wine is 3 years old when it is finished. The name HEIDROM comes from my parents’ wedding cake. It was too small for “Heidi & Roman” and instead said: “Heidrom”.