Certified Sustainable

We are “Sustainable Austria” certified, and we take that very seriously. It is important to us to consider environmental issues at all levels. We work according to the guidelines of “integrated viticulture”. Whereby we have always maintained green cover between the vine rows, in recent years we have also deliberately cultivated flowering plants to nourish beneficial insects. Plant protection measures have proven effective when reduced to every second row of vines, and we are also experimenting with new canopy management methods that enable us to reduce the number of trips through the vineyard and thus reduce CO2 emmissions. We have been using electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources for years. We equipped our cellar with a photovoltaic system in 2022, which allows us to completely cover our needs. We have switched our packaging to lightweight bottles and changed the shape of our wine boxes to reduce packaging and CO2. The boxes are delivered to us as plates and first folded and glued in the winery to reduce transport volume. Our front labels are vintage-neutral and we print our back labels ourselves as required. This allows us to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste. Our warehouse is set up in such a way that we can order our materials by truckload and thus reduce truck journeys. Our winery is heated with geothermal energy and in the wine cellar we work with heat recovery from fermentation. All of these are small things. But as the saying goes, “Many little people doing many little things in many little places can change the face of the world.” Let’s do our part!