Wine Enthusiast: BEST BUY & 2 x 90P.

Anne Krebiehl, MV hat unsere frischen und lebendigen Grüne Veltliner und Zweigelts verkostet – und sie haben ihr gefallen!

BEST BUY: Gr. Veltliner VOM HAUS 2017
“The pear and stone fruit on the nose almost have floral hints. The palate also has an unusual tang of passion fruit. The finish is dry, vivid and fresh.”

BEST BUY: Zweigelt VOM HAUS 2017
“Ripe black cherry has a lovely tinge of cinnamon and white pepper on the nose. The juicy palate plays with these flavors and swirls them with ease and lightness on the medium body. Cinnamon and cherry also own the finish.”

90 P. Grüner Veltliner ZEISEN 2017
“And earthy hint of wet moss glosses over the pear fruit on the nose. On the light palate, a palpable spritz adds freshness while lemon notes reveal creamy plum notes: very refreshing.”

90 P. Grüner Veltliner HAID 2017
“Ripe pear and green moss notes combine on the nose. The very light palate has a salty miso-like backdrop of yeasty richness, cut by lemon freshness. This is dry, honest, refreshing and moreish.”