Cuvée Privat entered the “SALON”

Every year, the best of over 7,000 Austrian wines are selected in a multi-stage process of blind tastings in different categories. This is how the 275 SALON wines are determined, which can be seen as performance show of the Austrian sector.

We are particularly pleased that we were able to stand out here among the red wines: Our Cuvée Privat, which our winemaker Roman Josef Pfaffl created for his Julia, entered the SALON Austria Wine 2022 in the category “Great red wines with aging potential”: The blend of St. Laurent and Merlot presents itself in deep black with a ruby ​​red rim, dense blackberries on the nose, chocolate, blackberries and delicate smoky tones on the palate, full-bodied and soft, yet with a lot of structure. Resonates for a long time. Julia serves delicious steaks to this taste explosion.