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For the third time in a row, our winery was awarded “Best Producer Austria” at the Mundus Vini spring tasting 2022. Over 12,000 wines are tasted and rated annually by the German wine competition. An international jury of oenologists, winemakers, wine dealers, sommeliers and journalists tasted the wines in blind tastings. Here are the results of our award winners.

BEST OF SHOW + GOLD Gr. Veltliner ZEISEN Weinviertel DAC 2021
  Austria white
in retail markets

GOLD Grüner Veltliner HAIDEN Weinviertel DAC 2021
GOLD Grüner Veltliner HUND Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2021
GOLD Weissburgunder NUSS 2021
SILVER Grüner Veltliner HOMMAGE Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2021
SILVER Grüner Veltliner GOLDEN Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2021
SILVER Muskateller SAND 2021
SILVER Sauvignon blanc TERROIR 2021
SILVER Wien.1 2021

Our wines won 5 x GOLD and 3 x SILVER at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2020! Here are our heroes:

Rosé HASEN 2019
Wien.1 2019
Grüner Veltliner ZEISEN Weinviertel DAC 2019
Muskateller SAND 2019
Sauvignon blanc TERROIR 2019

Grauburgunder LA VITA 2019
Zweigelt SANDSTEIN 2019

Julia Harding kindly tasted our wines for These are her results:

17/20 Points Gr. Veltliner Reserve HOMMAGE 2018
Even more spicy than the Golden 2018 and the fruit riper as well: ripe pear verging on exotic fruit and still lots of spice and zesty white pepper that seems to add a stony/mineral quality to the nose. On the palate, spicy and powerful, with a slight alcoholic sensation entwined with that spiciness. Mouth-filling and with a slight but harmonious tannic grip, a more oily minerality on the finish. A big, broad wine that is more about power than finesse. A very long, warm, spicy finish, almost fiery but there’s surprising freshness too on the finish. On the second day, it had developed a nutty aftertaste that I think might come from the acacia. (JH)

17/20 Points Gr. Veltliner Reserve GOLDEN 2018
Pale, gleaming gold. Richly spiced and smells like burnished gold, metaphorically speaking. Ripe yellow fruit but peppery too. Fills the mouth with almost honeyed citrus flavour, though it tastes pretty dry, the spice joining in on the finish. Broad and textured, almost chewy, full-flavoured and just balanced by the acidity, the spice on the finish seeming to add to the freshness. Very persistent. (JH)

17/20 Points Riesling Reserve PASSION 2018
Pale gold. Rich, ripe intense aroma of lemon, clementine, yellow plum and spice. Powerful, deep and spicy on the palate, more apricot than citrus. It tastes pretty dry thanks to the fresh acidity. Already complex and yet promises more with another year or so in bottle and should age well over 5–10 years, depending on your personal taste. Full-bodied but vibrant, and very long with a lovely spicy but fresh aftertaste. (JH)

16.5 ++/20 Points Excellent Reserve 2017
16.5 +/20 Points Privat 2017
16.5/20 Points Gr. Veltliner Reserve HUND 2018
16.5/20 Points Riesling SONNE 2018
16.5/20 Points Rosé LA GRANDE 2018
16.5/20 Points Heidrom Grand Reserve 2015
16.5/20 Points St Laurent Reserve ALTEN 2017
16/20 Points Wien.1 2018
15.5/20 Points Grüner Veltliner ZEISEN 2018

The Berliner Wein Trophy has become the world’s largest wine competition and Germany’s most important international wine tasting. For four days, 13.500 wines of 40 countries are tasted by an independent panel of experts consisting in oenologists, sommeliers, masters of wine, experienced traders, winegrowers and journalists. We are thrilled to see how our wines were rated by these experts:

8 Gold Medals:
Rosé LA GRANDE 2018
Wien.1 2018
Riesling PASSION 2018
Muskateller SAND 2018
Chardonnay Reserve VISION 2016
St. Laurent WALD 2018
Cuvée PRIVAT 2017
Heidrom Grand Reserve 2015

2 Silver Medals:
Riesling SONNE 2018
Weissburgunder NUSS 2018

What an incredible surprise! Our wines won amazing 13 Gold medals at the “Landesprämierung Niederösterreich”. At this challenge, 5600 wines from 929 wineries, all from Niederösterreich, were rated in a blind tasting. In Vienna, a similar competition took place for the Viennese wines. There, our wines from Vienna won two Gold medals:
GOLD Landesweinprämierung Niederösterreich:
Rosé HASEN 2018
Rosé LA GRANDE 2018
Gemischter Satz HARMONY 2018
Grüner Veltliner ZEISEN Weinviertel DAC 2018
Grüner Veltliner HAID Weinviertel DAC 2018
Grüner Veltliner GOLDEN Weinviertel DAC 2018
Riesling SONNE 2018
Weissburgunder NUSS 2018
Chardonnay EXKLUSIV 2018
Sauvignon blanc TERROIR 2018
Muskateller SAND 2018
Zweigelt Reserve BURG 2017
St. Laurent Reserve ALTEN 2017

GOLD Wiener Weinpreis:
Wien.1 2018
Pinot Noir Reserve 2017

Our Viennese blends Wien.1 and Wien.2 stood out at the big blend-tasting of the wein.pur 2015/01 issue. Both wines landet in the top-10-ranking for their great value for money. In total, 148 blends where tasted.

Since 2004 we also cultivate vineyards in Vienna. This is not really a big change as we live directly on the border to Vienna and our Viennese vineyards are closer than some of our Weinviertel sites.

However, our Viennese vineyards are a particularly nice challenge. The sites Herrenholz and Praschen are situated on a high plateau on the montain “Bisamberg” and there they are enthroned above our capital city. The limestone soil gives a fine elegance to our wines. We make 3 different wines here:

Our Wien.1 – a crisp, light blend made of our white grapes Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Blanc and Riesling
Wien.2 a red fine fruity blend made of Zweigelt and Pinot Noir and the third wine we make here is a powerful Pinot Noir Reserve.

Riesling/Gr. Veltliner/Pinot Blanc

A blend from our Viennese vineyards. Fruity, aromatic, spicy – a tribute to Vienna!

“I’d be thrilled to get this in a bar…”
Julia Harding MW, on Wien.1 2014

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